Opening 2017 GO meetup

New year, new meetup! (probably not the best slogan though)


The event will be on Jan 25-th at Lvovo g. 25, Vilnius - Business center “BurÄ—s”, 8th floor. See you at 07:00 PM. reference

NOTE: Elevators might be locked after 5PM. Call +37060117345 (Povilas) if you’ll face any problems reaching the place.


  1. Gediminas Morkevicius - “Intro to GO performance”
  2. Povilas Versockas - “Advanced Testing with Go”
  3. Jonas A - “Go and Plan 9”

Intro to GO performance - Going through a simple web server implementation performance details and demonstration

Advanced Testing with Go - NA

Go and Plan 9 - I will talk about the relationship between the Plan 9 operating system and the Go programming language. They share many common ideas, which is not so surprising given common developers, e.g. Rob Pike, Ken Thompson and Russ Cox. I also will also show how to crosscompile the toolchain to run under Plan 9 on Rasberry Pi.

Super ViM Gopher

See you there!