GO 1.7 celebration meetup

Hi all gophers in Lithuania!

As far as GO improves it’s performance, compilation speed and GC - we grow our GO community here in Lithuania.


The event will be on September 22-th at Lvovo g. 25, Vilnius - Business center “Burės”, 8th floor. See you at 07:00 PM.

NOTE: Elevators might be locked after 5PM. Call +37060117345 (Povilas) if you’ll face any problems reaching the place.


  1. Osvaldas Grigas - “Communicating Sequential Processes”
  2. Gediminas Morkevicius - “Acceptance and integration testing with godog”
  3. Vytautas Šaltenis - “Profiling Go Programs: A Case Study”

Communicating Sequential Processes - CSP’s parallel programming model has strongly influenced Go, Clojure and other languages. Let’s take a look at the original 1978 CSP paper by Tony Hoare, including a bit of history and elegant solutions to hard concurrency problems.

Acceptance and integration testing with godog - Behavior driven development (BDD) framework for golang. Godog is cucumber implementation for GO.

Profiling Go Programs: A Case Study - Learn to use go-torch to grok your code. Highlights from my efforts to tune one library’s performance. Real code, no synthetic examples.

Gopher 1.7 celebration meetup