GO 1.6 release party meetup

Hi all gophers in Lithuania!

As we all probably have heard about 1.6 release of go coming soon on February. Some of our dear gopher friends decided to throw a warm welcome with a few talks.


The event will be on February 17-th at VU MIF, Naugarduko st. 24 auditorium 203 at 18:30


The schedule is also being discussed, you can track the discussion on github.

  1. Gediminas Morkevicius - “Acceptance and integration testing with GO”
  2. Justinas Stankevičius - “What’s new in Go 1.6”

Acceptance and integration testing with GO - Behavior driven development (BDD) testing and tools for golang. Why should you care about it?

Gopher 1.6 release party