#1 Vilnius Gophers meetup !

Hey Gophers !!

Happy to announce first Vilnius Golang group gathering.

We have 3 speakers already if you have something to share you are more than welcome to join.

Let’s form vibrant community where we can learn & share !


Package version management - Ernestas Poškus @ernestas_poskus

Vendoring, revision locking & dependency management.

Ubuntu Juju - Domas Monkus @tasdomas

Juju is a open source, solution-driven orchestration tool from Ubuntu that helps you deploy, manage and scale your environments on any cloud.

Go build modes - Justinas Stankevičius @justinas

Bringing Go to C and other languages: building and using shared and static libraries.

Where ?

Žirmūnų g. 70, 7 floor, Vilnius @ Vinted HQ

Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/ewrd6MNSgYp